Cardinal Energy Service, Inc. is a small, independent energy and utility consulting firm located in Raleigh NC.  With a background of over 30 years experience in wholesale and retail utility rates and financial analyzes, Cardinal Energy has increasingly focused on the renewable energy arena.  We believe that the sound, economically rational development of renewable energy resources plays a role in the long term energy future.    

We are currently working with renewable energy operators and increasing with renewable energy developers to identify the potential project value in technologies including:
    - Small Hydro
    - Solar PV
    - Landfill Methane
    - Biomass
    - Wind (site visits and reviews)

We also focus on service to small utilities who are participating renewable energy market to meet the voluntary or regulatory requirements.
    - Compliance Plans and Reports
    - Energy Efficiency and renewable energy programs
    - REC purchases  

Cardinal Energy also provides wholesale and retail rate service to small utilities.  The wholesale power cost is typically the largest expense of a small utility.  At the same time, the retail rates are the basis for the revenue of the system.  Cardinal Energy has the understanding of the wholesale energy market, and the experience designing retail rates that recover the revenue requirement for any small utilities. 

We invite you to review the additional information on the following pages and to contact us at

Cardinal Energy Service, Inc.
620 N. West St. suite 103
Raleigh NC 27603