Services to Renewable Energy Generators

REC Brokerage and Marketing
In the complex market for Renewable Energy Certificates, Cardinal Energy can find the active buyers and assess the current market conditions to maximize the value of your RECs.  Cardinal Energy uses a comprehensive marketing strategy that considering the term of the contract, the price structure, and the market risk factors of your project.

Licensing and Regulatory Assistance
The energy industry is full of regulatory mind fields, from the FERC licensing process to state Commission filings.  Cardinal Energy can coordination the complex process of hydro generation licensing and relicensing at FERC, including the Pre-Application filings, the agency consultation process, the coordination of required studies, and the required filings. 

At the state level, Cardinal Energy can handle the CPCN process for new resources, the registration of resources as renewable energy resources to participate under a state RPS, and the establishment of tracking system accounts.    

    Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs) and Interconnection Agreements
Many renewable energy generators have unique features that makes it necessary to negotiate the PPA with the energy purchaser to get the full value of the renewable energy produced.  Further, the interconnection agreement must not burden the generation operator or delay the project.  Cardinal Energy has negotiated PPAs and interconnection agreements that reflect the developing market trends and complications.  

   Asset Purchase, Sale, and Acquisition 
The unique aspects of many existing renewable energy facilities makes it necessary to review the asset value and operational considerations prior to the purchase or sale of such facilities.  Cardinal Energy has the experience to identify the critical factors of the ownership and operation of renewable energy facilities of all kinds.  

   NC Hydro Group
Cardinal Energy organized and manages the association of small hydroelectric owners and operators in North Carolina.  This groups periodically meets to share the real and tangible issues of developing and operating hydroelectric generation facilities.  Many meetings are held at existing hydro plants in the state and participants get to see how others have addressed the real operational concerns such as manual versus automated operation; rebuild versus replace; dam and canal maintenance; and environmental issues. 

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